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Here at Flocks Aussies we are constantly asked questions about our dogs and the breed in general.   We try to answer all questions by phone or email but thought we would put this page together to provide you with some information regarding the mini aussie breed.  We do not claim to have all the answers but for the ones we don't we will research and get back with you.
Q:  What is MDR1
A:  MDR1 is a drug resistance commonly found in most herding dogs including, Border Collies, Aussies and Collies.  What you need to know is this genetic trait is common and you should be aware of it in ALL herding dogs.  There are 3 types:  Clear, Carrier and Affected.  Our general rule of thumb is to advise a potential new owner to be careful with wormers and work with vets who are familiar with the breed.  For most Aussies owners MDR1 will not be an issues, although if you live on or near a farm you do need to be careful/avoid Invermectin wormer.
Q:  What size will my puppy be?
A.  Although it is impossible to answer this question, here are some opinions on this.  Generally we can get a good idea based on parentage and past litters.  We breed for a dog on the smaller spectrum of the breed standard (can be viewed under breed standards link).  We do get a large variance in our dog sizes ranging from 10lbs to 35lbs, although our preference is 20 to 25lbs.
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