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 Registered --AKC/ASDR 
Blue Merle with 1 blue eye/1 part blue
14 1/2" 22lbs. 
CERF- Clear/ MDR 1-clear / PRA/PRCD-Clear / HC-clear/
This girl is amazing, she has a happy go lucky personality and is just excited to live life. She is vibrant and loves everyone. She is put together so nicely. She is a small girl with beautiful movement. We are proud to add her to our program. 

  Toy / mini Australian Shepherds ( Aussies) Females 1
Flocks Mini /Toy Aussies
Otis Orchards WA    509-981-6781
 Mini Aussie--  INTERNATIONAL/ NATIONAL CHAMPION  FLOCK'S "Reflection of Faith"
Registered ASDR (Can also be registered NSDR)
Blue Merle  1 blue eye and 1 blue/amber eye
 15" and 20lbs.
This girl we kept out of Lexus and Tucker breeding. She has turned out to be a sweet easy going girl,she is super devoted,and a quick learner, at 7wks old learned to sit and stand command.She has excelled at everything we have put before her, she gives it all she's got. She loves everyone, and loves to show off. She is more then we could have ever imagined!! Proud to have our name on her pedigree.
2015 Best of Breed (Spokane Valley Seiger show IABCA)

The Lord your God will save His people on that day, as a SHEPHERD saves his FLOCK. They will sparkle in His land like jewels in His crown. ZACHARIAH 9:16
Mini aussie---FLOCK'S "
Registered ASDR
Black tri. with 2 brown eyes 
 15" and 25lbs
CERF-Clear/MDR1-Clear(carrier)/ PRA/PRCD-Clear  /HC-Clear
Misha is a daughter of Bella and Tucker. She will be used as a service dog, but she is so nice if she matures the same, we hope to use her in our breeding program. She is smart and learns quick, she is curious but laid back. She loves people and will enjoy having a job to do.
Mini aussie-- FLOCK'S "You've got the Lovin feeling"
 Registered  ASDR 
 17" 26lbs
 MDR 1-Clear/ PRA/PRCD- Clear/HC- Clear/DM-clear
 What can I say about this special girl.She is a miracle by every sense of the word! God must have knew we needed her:) She is my shadow, and goes eveywhere with me. She is so intune to me she almost knows what I want from her before I tell her. She is way to smart for her own good. She is so happy about life and everything in it. She knows no stranger, she is so naturally well mannered we are pursuing a therapy dog title for her. She is very solid, and great bone for her size. 
Mini aussie-- FLOCK'S 
 Registered  ASDR 
(estimated size) 16-18" 30lbs
CERF- pending / MDR 1-/ PRA/PRCD- /HC- /DM-
 This girl is a out of our International champion Echo bred to our International champion Maverick. She has nice bone, and looking forward to seeing how she develops. She has a sweet, spunky personality and is a shadow pup. She is smart and learns quick. Love this girl!
Mini American Shepherd -NATIONAL CHAMPION SALISH "Pour down Blessings" @ Flocks
 Registered  AKC 
RED MERLE  with BLUE eyes
 (estimated) 15" 25lbs
CERF- Clear / MDR 1-clear(carrier)/ PRA/PRCD- Clear/HC-Clear /DM-Clear
This sweet girl is built beautifully! We can't wait to see what she will bring to our program. She is a shadow, and loves to be anywhere we are. She adores kids! She has a very laid back personality and is on the serious side, until it comes to playing ball, then she gets super excited! We feel very blessed to have the chance to have her with us! 
2017 BEST IN CLASS PUPPY (Spokane Valley Seiger show IABCA)
Mini aussie-- FLOCK'S 
 Registered  ASDR 
RED MERLE(harlequin) with BLUE eyes
(estimated size) 14" 16-18 lbs
CERF- pending / MDR 1-/ PRA/PRCD- /HC- /DM-
This little gal had something special from early on. She was always a show off, but such a go with the flow girl. She is a sweet girl with a sparkle in her eye. She is always happy and willing to play.She is a smaller girl with big attitude, put together nicely and for her size she is well balanced. Looking for some good things with this girl. Co-owned in the same home as MISHA. 
Mini aussie-- FERRARIS "Crazy Like a Fox" 
 Registered  ASDR 
17" 28 lb
 MDR 1-clear / PRA/PRCD- clear/HC-clear(carrier) /DM-clear

This girl is not like her name at all. She is as sweet as they come. She is calm and mellow and just loves everyone. She is a shadow girl who wants to be with you all the time. She has amazing coppering almost so much she looks like a red. She is going to add some great things to our pups.