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Flocks Mini /Toy Aussies
Otis Orchards WA    509-981-6781
Jolley Aussies "Dash of Cayenne Pepper"​
18" 35 lbs.

Ky was our first mini Aussie, and was a sweet but fiery girl who loved to run and was full of energy.  She took the job of protecting the family very seriously, it was hard to see her go,


She is now retired living with the Lewis family of WA, on her own 20 acre horse ranch. She is loving her new life, we get updated often, and get to hear how well she is doing!

As Breeders and dog lovers one of the hardest challenges we face is having to determine what to do with our dogs when we are done breeding them, or feel that they will no longer be helping our breeding program.  We take this dilemma very seriously and work very hard to find our retired dogs a life long home.  We are extremely picky about who gets our dogs and they will not be rehomed without being spayed or neutered.

If you are looking for a dog but do not want to do the puppy thing let us know and we may be able to help you find an adult dog that would be a great fit for you.
Pockets "Sage"
14" 26 lbs.

Abbey is a super sweet dog who will do about anything to ride in the car and spend time with people.  She thought she was more human than dog.  She has a great zest for life.  Due to medical reasons she was unable to have pups


She is now retired and living with Leslie in the Spokane Valley.  She has a new buddy named Ruby and is going on walks regularly and loving her new life.
FERRARIS "Deja Blue" 
14" 25lbs

Bella is a special girl who has it all brains and beauty! She was an amazing mom and loved life.She was not happy sharing her family and wanted one of her own.
 We put her desires and needs first and retired her early. She is now a VERY HAPPY girl and spoiled rotten, she has her own people to play with and the best thing is we get to see her often!!
PLEASANT WOODS "Moccassin Flower"
13.75" 17lbs

Ginger was a sweet girl who loves to give hugs and kisses, she was always gentle, and never caused any problems, she was quiet and clean, and loves sitting outside watching over the others. She was such a wonderful mother and gave her all to her puppies. We choose to retire her early to give her a chance at her perfect home.

 She has gone to a wonderful home, where she is spoiled rotten, when we took her there she climbed on their couch curled up and made herself at home. She has another Aussie friend and a cat, a big yard and all the love she deserves! She is such a special girl!
13'" 12lbs

JERSEY....a pup we chose to raise because her personality and cuteness was A+++. She knows no stranger and smart as they come.We used her to socialize all our pups. She got along with everyone.We had to make the most heartbreaking decision to give her a special person of her own, because she developed an underbite, which meant we could not breed her with a clear conscience.(our goal is to better the breed) 

She went to a special lady named Madeline, who we knew was a match within a few seconds of meeting. Jersey could'nt give her enough kisses.Hopped in her lap and has never looked back. We probably miss her more then she misses us :) She is spoiled rotten, and has her own person without having to share.Jersey deserves the best life, amazing little girl!!
POCKETS Willy N of leading star
15"" 23lbs

Tucker is such a special boy who was so devoted to us. He was our main man and gave us many beautiful babies. He has the aussie smile, and loves to lean on his people when getting attention. He deserved the world, and we wanted to keep him always, but knew he should have more..

 He  has gone to his ocean front property in Oregon. He gets to have sisters to play with, and a family to spoil him and let him live out his life in style! He deserves it! Such a one of a kind guy!
Previous/ Retired dogs
13.5'" 16lbs

LEXI...What an awesome mom, she has  produced some excellent pups, but due to no fault of her own, she had to be retired from our breeding program. She was such an easy girl, quiet and independent, but loved life and happy about everything! She does the Aussie bunny hop, and can run like the wind, She needed a family who was willing to work with her anxieties.

She went to the Trader family, who will love and spoil her rotten,and willing to do what it takes to give her the best possible outcome in this life. They are a diamond in the rough. Lexi deserves them, she will blossom into something beautiful. Cant wait to see the outcome!
13 1/2" 16 lbs

 This girls is a special girl who we wanted to keep forever. She has really no bad habits and is just an angel to us.She is loyal and loving and will do anything for her family. She spoiled us rotten, and because we love her so much we knew there was someone out there who needed her more then we did! On a random day we got the perfect phone call.......

 We placed her in a home we felt was the perfect match, she is going to fill a hole for a family who needs her. They lost a long time pet and didn't think they could ever get another dog until they came across ZOE. She will be loved and spoiled and will do the job she was meant to do. We just felt this is where she belonged.....